Keeping it between the Tropics

I was playing football last night. It’s semi-serious and a fairly good standard.

I’m not the best on the pitch. There are some really skillful players that could play at a higher standard.  Needless to say I don’t score very often. So imagine my surprise when, with 5 minutes gone last night, I had scored not one but two corkers from outside the box. One a volley no less!

Cue excited cheers and lots of manly high-fiving (its semi serious remember so not at professional hugging level). Due to the heat and lack of fitness on parts of some (or all of us) we rotate subs throughout the match. After a break 15 mins in I came back on, still fired up from the two wonder goals.

It turns out I now couldn’t pass a ball if you paid me handsomely.  I wasted pass after pass, ended up helping the opposition score two goals and generally couldn’t put a foot right.

Cue a very opportune 2nd break after which I came back on, steadied myself, and ended the game having stabilized my show and feeling fairly level headed.

The lesson? I could have gone mad celebrating the goals and maybe I would have had reason to. But if I had have done so, I would have really beaten myself up badly over the subsequent poor period.  Probably disastrously hard on myself. I may never have played again and certainly wouldn’t have recovered for the final period.

Imagine we did that in work too? Yes celebrate the wins but don’t go overly so. Keep level headed to a degree. It means when a failure or set back comes, and they will come believe me, you don’t completely self destruct.  I call it keeping it between the Tropics.  Don’t go North of Cancer or South of Capricorn.  Keep the wins and losses within that equivalent emotional range and your performance will improve over time.

And if anyone has a YouTube of that 2nd goal in particular do share!